International Conference : Grounwater

  • From May 18th to May 20th

  • 08:00 - 17:00
  • Conférence
  • Campus Pierre et Marie Curie
    International Conference Center
    4 place Jussieu, 75005, Paris

Grounwate, key to the sustainable development goals

Ambition of the conference
Constitute a meeting point to promote exchanges between the different national and international stakeholders in the fields of water and sustainable development :

  • Decision-makers, from the international level to local authorities, like Water Agencies, basin authorities and local structures for management and protection of groundwater...
  • Funding agencies and donors
  • NGOs, civil society, local communities, farmers, water and sanitation companies, industries...
  • Groundwater resource specialists: scientists, national and local authorities, planning authorities, engineering firms, consultants...

Main objectives

  • Examine the overall relationships between water-related SDG s, their stakeholders and groundwater
  • Share knowledge, experiences, findings and good practices on GWR in sustainable development trajectories
  • Elaborate recommendations to ensure the best integration of groundwater resources into the SDGs.

Conference process

  • A prominent locus of expression will be given to the youth : high school and University students, young researchers and professionals ...
  • Invited speakers (key notes) and presentations by participants (oral communications, poster sessions)
  • Round tables opened to conference participants - Innovative forms of animation and presentation (summaries produced on the basis of contributions received in advance; themes entrusted to thematic animators, prior to the conference).