Chemistry and Life Sciences (CSDV) Program

The Chemistry and Life Sciences (CSDV) program prepares chemistry and biology students to explore biological systems by using knowledge from chemistry and biology.

Chemistry and Life Sciences (CSDV) Program


For chemists, a biological system is a complex chemical system, the ultimate playground for chemical reactivity, analytical challenges and modeling. For biologists, chemistry represents the most appropriate level of description of a biological process. This program trains interdisciplinary students capable of combining chemistry and biology synergistically to solve some of our world's most important problems (e.g. personalized medicine, renewable energies, sustainable materials).

Specializations in this field and its interfaces

The skills of CSDV graduates depend on the combination of UEs they choose. All graduates take most of their UEs from the CSDV program, but some specialization profiles require UEs from other programs.

Specialization profile On completion of this specialization, students will be able to...
Chemical frontiers of life    Describe and interrogate biological systems quantitatively at the molecular, cellular and systemic levels.
Chemistry and biology   

Develop chemical strategies to analyze, influence or publicize biological processes.


Course leaders

Mathieu Morel

Responsable administrative

Pascale Baverel

Nikolina Ilic

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