M2 - Biological systems and physical concepts course - Biophysics

This course is shared between the "Fundamental Physics and Applications" and "Molecular and Cellular Biology" fields. "Molecular and Cellular Biology" specializations has a multidisciplinary vocation at the interface of physics and biology. It aims to train students to master concepts and technologies from molecular and cellular biology, bioinformatics, chemistry and physics, giving them the adaptability needed to work in research laboratories or in life science-oriented industrial companies.

This course is designed to bring together students with different backgrounds, so that they are confronted with multidisciplinarity, not only in terms of teaching content, but also in terms of collaboration between students. This diversity of skills is a source of enrichment. That is why this course is offered as part of the Sorbonne University and Paris 7 Masters programs, in both Physics and Biochemistry fields.

It welcomes students who have completed their first year of a master's degree at Sorbonne University, as well as students from other universities and engineering schools.

M2 - Biological systems and physical concepts course - Biophysics

Job opportunities

As this course is research-oriented, therefore, the natural outcome is to start a three-year doctorate in a public or private-sector laboratory. However, the master's degree awarded at the end of this course is a qualification that can be valued at "bac+5" level in the private sector in particular.

Students who have completed a thesis at the frontiers of physics and life sciences then have access to careers in public research or industry (pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, equipment development, etc.).





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