M2 - Plasma and fusion physics course (PPF)

Plasma physics is a field of interdisciplinary research structured by major research programs in the sciences of matter, astrophysics, planetology, thermonuclear fusion and ultra-high intensity lasers, as well as major societal challenges that bring together innovative processes for the resistance of materials, the environment, health and propulsion, and also space meteorology, the applied aspect of space plasmas, which enable us to predict solar storms and protect ourselves from them.

The master's courses cover all aspects of plasma, the fourth state of matter, whose singular behaviour is due to its strong ionization and includes a choice of four distinct colorations:

  • Magnetic Confinement Fusion (MCF)
  • Natural Plasmas (NP)
  • Cold Plasmas and Processes (PFP)
  • Laser-Plasma Interaction (ILP).

ATTENTION! All master's courses are taught in English (lectures, seminars and exams).

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M2 - Plasma and fusion physics course (PPF)

The aim of this course is to train scientists and engineers of the highest calibre, capable of taking part in research programs on plasmas, whether natural or artificial, cold or hot, dilute or dense. Teaching covers the physics of natural plasmas, cold process plasmas, thermonuclear plasmas and laser-plasma interaction.

The "Plasma and Fusion Physics (PPF)" program is the only generalist master's degree program in France to offer fundamental courses in plasma physics. It integrates theoretical, simulation and experimental approaches in research laboratories and at major national facilities (ITER and WEST Tokamaks, power laser - Megajoule, Apollon, PetalLaser X, pulsed machines, space missions (Solar Orbiter, MMS, ...).

This course is part of the Fédération "Formation aux sciences des plasmas et la fusion which is dedicated to plasma training and federating the skills of most of France's laboratories, opening up a wide range of professional horizons.


An international double degree: the Franco-Italian Master of Physics, Plasmas course

In this course, Sorbonne University and the University of Pisa offer an opportunity to enter the international arena of tomorrow's plasma physics research.

The program enables students to study at either university within the Fundamental Physics and Applications (Sorbonne University, M1) and Laurae Magistrale in Fisica (UNIPI, M2) master's programs, and to obtain a double Sorbonne University / UNIPI master's degree (Europlasmi curriculum).

Financial support for the stay in the host country is available upon selection.







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