M2 - Sensors, Instrumentation and Measurement (CIMES) course

The "Sensors, Instrumentation and Measurement" program is common to two Sorbonne University master's programs (Fundamental Physics and Applications, and Engineering Sciences). It is co-accredited with the École Supérieure de Physique et Chimie de la Ville de Paris (ESPCI).

Through its generalist approach to teaching, this course provides students sound knowledge of innovative methodologies in a wide range of fields, including the environment, medicine and industry. Its aim is to offer students a broad and diversified training in sensor physics, signal acquisition and processing, and data analysis, to master a complete measurement chain.[LV1] 

The focus is on industrial and environmental applications, and miniaturization techniques. Modern methods of non-destructive testing and imaging in complex environments are also presented.

CIMES training culminates in a 6-month internship in an industrial environment, or in a research laboratory for students wishing to continue their studies through to a thesis.

 [LV1]System? Perspective? Competency?

M2 - Sensors, Instrumentation and Measurement (CIMES) course





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