External Aggregation in Physics

ENS Paris, Sorbonne Université and Université Paris-Sud offer a one-year (M2 level) full-time course to prepare for the competitive examination for the aggregation in pysics (physics option). All activities take place on the ENS premises in Montrouge.

External Aggregation in Physics


The main aim of this program is to train future secondary school teachers (mainly at lycée level). They may be called upon to work in higher education as teachers of preparatory classes, but also as associate professors (PRAG) in universities, university institutes of technology (IUT) or engineering schools.

This is a diploma course: the jury will deliberate early enough to allow the award of the master’s degree, “préparation à l’agrégation” (preparation for the aggregation), before publication of the competitive examination eligibility list.



The M2 Physics program prepares students for the external aggregation in physics and chemistry (physics option), which is a competitive examination. It is shared by three institutions: ENS Paris, Université Paris-Saclay and Sorbonne Université.
The "agrégation de physique" course is organized around two main periods:

  1. the first period focuses on preparation for the written exams and the specific format of the oral exams. This is an opportunity to complete and deepen subject knowledge in physics and chemistry by solidifying what has been learned through regular assignments based on the exam topics. The competitive examination requires a large amount of experimental training in a wide range of physics (optics, electronics, fluid mechanics, sensors, etc.) and chemistry fields. Students spend several hours a week in practical workrooms.
  2. the second period focuses exclusively on preparation for the oral exams. Every day, students are placed in the real-life conditions of the specific competitive exams: the physics lesson, the chemistry experimental lesson and the physics composition. This is the period when students utilize all their disciplinary knowledge to construct a presentation on a predefined theme, using a variety of teaching aids. Particular attention is paid to the quality of knowledge transmission; individual communication coaching is offered on a case-by-case basis.


Target audience and prerequisites

To apply for this aggregation preparation course :

  • M1 in physics is required,
  • M2 research degree in physics is recommended;
  • excellent applications from students with an M2 teaching degree will also be considered;
  • students with a doctoral thesis in physics and an interest in teaching are also encouraged to apply.

From M1 onwards, our physics master's department also offers a specific "aggregation" course, with a reinforced "M1 préparation à l'agrégation" course, which includes preparation for the aggregation.



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